Universal Tail Cone

VCT’s Universal Tail Cone is an interchangeable propulsion and actuator module that fits vehicles with diameters ranging from 7” to 15” (this means that the same piece of hardware will fit your 7”, 15” or any diameter in between).  The tail cone contains all the moving parts in a typical vehicle.  It is field replaceable in 30 minutes with only 6 bolts and one connector to remove.

VCT will size and build your fins to meet dynamic stability, control and steadiness performance requirements. The fin hinge line is designed to match the fin area and planform.  VCT will select a propeller for you to match individual vehicle characteristics and operating conditions. (Speed, drag, boundary layer thickness, wake fraction, thrust deduction, motor RPM (system voltage), torque (maximum amps), and shaft power).

Signals available for monitoring include fin angle read back and motor temperature, amps, and volts.


  • Actuators (3 each, 85 in-oz)
  • Fins (Plastic, designed for your application)
  • Motor & Controller (1.8 kW BLDC w/encoder, optional smaller)
  • Propeller (Plastic, optional brass)
  • Aluminum housing (optional ABS)
  • Oil-filled for full ocean depth (pressure compensator included)

Vehicle Control Computer

Systems integrators with innovative vehicle designs, but without their own vehicle control hardware and software infrastructure can hit the ground running with VCT's Vehicle Control Computer (VCC).

VCT has standardized on a set of COTS PC-104 cards and several custom boards that provide all the functions needed in a UUV, Tow Body, or ROV, and host VCT's control system software.  This tested set of boards can be provided as an OEM stack or housed in a pressure bottle.  Since the cards are reused on multiple vehicles and upgraded and refined as obsolescence issues arise, your VCC can be easily upgraded to the latest tested configuration.   

The vehicle control software is set up to be reusable across any type of vehicle or control system, and can be easily configured via a text file input.  VCT can provide a basic UUV or ROV control system, or can do detailed design work for a more sophisticated vehicle.  You have access to VCT's library of device code as well as vehicle Operator Console and Data Review Tool. 


  • PC-104 Card Stack with Intel Atom CPU, serial ports (12 or 24), environmental monitoring, remote administration, power distribution, fiber optics, MicroStrain IMU, etc...
  • Optionally housed in aluminum pressure bottle
  • Vehicle Controller Software license with optional custom autopilot 
  • Operator Console Software for mission planning and monitoring
  • Data Review Tool Software for analyzing flight data