• REMUS 100 Autopilot
  • REMUS 600 Autopilot
  • Teledyne Benthos ROV Autopilot
  • Bluefin-21 Autopilot
  • LExUS
  • Mk5 Next Generation Countermeasure Autopilot
  • Glider Design Modeling & Simulation (ANT, Flying Wing, Spray, Slocum)
  • CDV Modeling and Simulation and Advanced Autopilot  
  • Large Scale Vehicle (LSV 1, LSV 2)
  • Mk-30 Anti Submarine Warfare Target Vehicle 
  • 21" UUV (Torpedo Size 21" UUV)  
  • NMRS Predecessor
  • Draper UUV (TAS, MMS) 
  • Large Diameter Test Vehicle (LDTV) 
  • SAUV - Modifications
  • CSTV - Control Systems Test Vehicle
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle Submarine Launch & Recovery 

MK 30 MOD 2

Raytheon Company, Portsmouth Operations group has developed the Mk 30 Mod 2 Target Underwater Vehicle, a torpedo-size UUV whose mission is to simulate a submarine for purposes of training sonar operators. VCT was contracted by Raytheon to provide hydrodynamic and control design support for the Mk 30 Mod 2 project. New tail control surface design, wind tunnel testing, simulation model development and autopilot design/software development were VCT areas of responsibility on the Raytheon design team.


VCT conducted analyses, designed and prepared specifications for the actuator, ballast systems and low-speed maneuvering equipment performance for the NUWC UUV. VCT developed models for vehicle hydrodynamics for 0° to 180° angle-of-attack (AoA) range - needed for hovering and backing control studies. Delivered 6DOF with high AoA and thruster models included. During the preliminary design, VCT personnel conducted system requirements analyses and trade-off studies for hydrodynamics and control and stability design; hull shape, control and stabilizer surfaces, autopilot, and the navigation/motion measurement instrumentation suite. Provided vehicle, propulsor, and thruster models for the 6-DoF simulation.


  • Powered Tow Body (PTB)
  • VDS Powered Tow Body (PTB)
  • Universal Docking System (UDS)
  • AQS-20 (H-53, H-60, RMMV, Athena)
  • Airborne Advanced Towed System
  • Aerostats - 71K to 1K
  • Tethered Buoys
  • Gatekeeper and POS
  • Towed Arrays
  • L3 ASOS MCDV Canadian Maritime Coastal Def. Vessel Towed MCV 
  • AMRS Advanced Mine Reconnaissance System 
  • AQS-14/24 Airborne Mine Countermeasures
  • AMNS Advanced Mine Search System 
  • TSGS


Lead hydrodynamic and control design for helicopter-towed mine-hunting vehicle. Evaluated Navy design (AMRS), conducted wind tunnel testing, creating hydro model and correlating with at-sea trials data. Redesigned wing, tail arrangement and fins. Predicted performance characteristics using nonlinear 6-DoF and Cable simulation. Designed autopilot. Specified performance requirements for actuators and motion measurement instrumentation. Delivered autopilot, attitude estimation and towed body position estimation software. Vehicle has successfully completed helicopter-towed testing. Delivered over 50 Technical Reports, (including wind tunnel test plans and final reports, vehicle design and trials correlation reports, and autopilot design and interface documents), autopilot and other system software.  Continuous support to program office for autopilot modes for H-53, H-60, and RMMV.


Design a minehunting towed vehicle, an active-control towfish providing an ultra-steady sonar platform. Analyzed existing tow body using HydroV™ and SimV™ prediction tools. Conducted redesign effort to achieve tow vehicle motion specs. Developed autopilot. Specified actuators and motion-measurement instrumentation. Delivered imbedded autopilot software and software development workstation with vehicle/cable simulation. Delivered eleven technical reports and a G&C Workstation with vehicle, cable, motion-compensating winch, and sea state models.

Lead for hydrodynamics, control and guidance. Designed after body shape, control and stabilizer fins in an integrated design process with propulsor and requirements analysis. Wrote test plan, conducted and documented captive-model tests. Designed and delivered imbedded autopilot and guidance software. Provided models for digital and hybrid simulation and performed simulation studies. Delivered multi-vehicle 6-DoF simulation, analyzing system performance. Participated in range test trials and provided final report documenting results. Autopilot and vehicle hydrodynamics met all design requirements in the first propelled runs, no design iterations were required. During the preliminary design, conducted system requirements analyses and trade-off studies in the areas of launch trajectories and tube launch structural load prediction.


  • Darkstar
  • Global Hawk  
  • Predator