(Design Available for Licensing)

Powered Tow Body (PTB) is a towed UUV with propulsion applied from both the towing craft and the on-board UUV’s propulsion.  

By varying the UUV thrust, a loop is formed in the cable, which reduces tow craft-induced motions by 80%.

  • Permits Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) operation in sea state from an 11 meter RHIB
  • Power sharing with the host vehicle increases mission endurance significantly
  • Provides increased power for payloads
  • Relays real-time data back to host ship
  • Provides the ability to position the vehicle relative to the ship


Diameter – 12.75"
Length – 87" - 140"
Weight in Air – Varies per configuration
Operating Depth – 1000 ft
Max Speed – 5 knots, PTB mode with power cable
Energy – Optional battery pack
Navigation – Optional Harborscan Package (GPS, Teledyne DVL, Kearfott INS)
Tracking – USBL, Emergency pinger
Communications – Tethered, optional Harborscan Package (Wifi, Iridium, Acoustic Modem)

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